I'm getting asked that question a lot lately. An email just popped up in my inbox that describes it really well. Read this and then apply it to food and kitchens. And that's what a Conscious Kitchen is!

"When we talk about being "conscious," we're referring to a greater consciousness that allows us to view the world as an endlessly interconnected system and thereby see the unintended consequences of our actions. Consciousness requires reflection, self-awareness, and the constant questioning of our assumptions and beliefs."

– Jeffrey Hollender co-founder Seventh Generation
Think about the interconnected system of the spray on a conventional apple, or really question what a claim on food packaging might mean. Natural might make you feel like you're getting something, well, natural. But questioning this assumption is crucial to locating conscious food. Educating yourself about what labels really hold any meaning means better access to the good stuff. I talk about this a lot in The Conscious Kitchen.