Recycled Wrapping Paper Dolls

  • December 30, 2010 1:54 pm

I'm amazed by the piles of wrapping paper in my recycling bin. They rival the snow drifts currently melting on the New York City streets. I tend to hand family members presents "wrapped" in dish towels or sometimes newspaper, but I'm fairly alone in this endeavor. Thankfully wrapping paper and cardboard boxes = really fun art projects. Holiday present bonus! I'm not particularly crafty, but all of this stuff was begging to be made into something. Here are two girls my daughter and I made from wrapping paper, ribbon, wine corks, twine, and random jar lids that have lost their matches.


USA Today

  • December 28, 2010 2:31 am

Excited that the first national news Planet Home mention was in this wide-ranging USA Today article on greening your Christmas.

Planet Home pubs today!

  • December 28, 2010 12:59 am

It's December 28th at long last and Planet Home is now available. I'm starting the press for it in early January and will be touring around the country the last week of the month. In the meantime, I'm excited mentions are starting to pop up at Practically Green and The Daily Green. I'm also thrilled to be launching my new website at the same time as Planet Home pubs. What do you think? I'm going to have a lot to say here in upcoming weeks and months. But before I can settle in and enjoy the Planet Home ride, I have to finish some edits on The Butcher's Guide to Well-Raised Meat which comes out in May. Time to get back to the beef chapter….

West Village Woman Goes Green When It Comes To Clean

  • December 23, 2010 7:05 am

My appearance on NBC Nightly News at 11.

Environmental Working Group

  • December 2, 2010 10:18 pm

Very pleased The Conscious Kitchen is included on's  holiday shopping list — A COOKBOOK FOR EVERYONE ON EWG'S LIST.