I've spent the past two mornings talking to radio stations and television stations about Planet Home. I always love the chance to speak with people all across the country.


So far people have been very receptive to Planet Home's holistic approach to going greener faster. The book explains the real systems behind simple green steps like turning off your lights, or only using cold water to do laundry, or cleaning all rooms of the home from your bathroom to your attic with natural products in an attempt to reduce the vagueness around going green. I often see people taking what they think of as a few unrelated steps to green their lives. Planet Home lays it all out systematically, showing how all of these steps are connected, and how we're all interconnected. The radio and tv hosts seemed very into this approach.


I also heard a lot of concern over if green cleaning products really work (they do), if washing in cold water can really get your clothes clean (yes — and it saves so much energy as 90 percent of the energy associated with doing laundry goes to heating water), and about the expense of going green. I've tackled the expense discussion many times in the past and we do it again in Planet Home. If you buy less stuff, and only durable stuff, and truly understand the reasons why an organic apple or a "green" toy might cost more than a conventional version, my hope is that you'll be willing to spend the savings you gain when you reduce your purchases on greener versions of what you do buy. There's more on that in the pages of Planet Home. Plus tips on how to make your own cleaning products out of things you already have in your cabinets (vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide etc.).

Here are some behind the scene shots of the SMT (satellite media tour) — me getting my makeup done, the set, and even the organic food section of the catering table. Did you happen to catch one of the radio or tv segments? What did you think? If you did and have any follow up questions, please post in comments and I'm happy to answer.