I have been busily writing. At the moment, given the state of the world (climate talks in Paris yielding not as much as they should, war, refugees, unreal hatred aka Trump), I have been feeling the need to just report stories that are fun to read. They’re soothing to report. Which is how I wound up writing about modern school photos for The New York Times. Gone are the ugly portraits of the past; the new look is sort of like a J.Crew catalog and very frame-able for your desk. Not everyone is a fan.

But I can’t help but write about climate, no matter how upsetting, so I typed up some musings on how climate change is linked to the food we eat day in and day out for Moms Clean Air Force. I also have a recent post for them on solar farms and why I love them.

It’s going to take a lot of innovation to fix the environmental state of affairs, which is why I was also pleased to write about eco-futuristic replacements for leather for Yahoo Style. I really like the jellyfish leather bag, just saying. We need all hands on to fix the woes of the world, including the fashion industry.