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Planet Home

Conscious Choices for Cleaning and Greening The World You Care About Most

Living consciously in the most important environment of all—your home. From the cofounder of Seventh Generation, the most trusted brand in environmentally friendly household products, comes this indispensable guide to maintaining absolutely everything in the home in a natural, nontoxic way. Jeffrey Hollender—with Alexandra Zissu—leads you through each room of the house with straightforward advice, comprehensive checklists, quick tips, and unparalleled resources while revealing the hidden repercussions of daily routines that most of us take for granted. From improving air quality in your bedroom to avoiding mildew in the bathroom, from sourcing local or organic food to safely laundering your clothes, Planet Home offers invaluable information for making conscious decisions for your family, your neighbors, and our shared planet home.

With additional information on power, garbage, and recycling, air quality, and community activism, this book goes a step further to describe how any household is part of a much larger system. Planet Home offers a unique, comprehensive, educational, and easy approach to helping you and your family lead healthier lives as we collectively protect and maintain our shared resources for many years to come.

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“In “Planet Home,” a new consumer guide to green living that [Jeffrey Hollender] has co-authored, each chapter begins with a “conscious ritual” — giving thanks, say, for clean water flowing from a bathtub faucet. He has near-celebrity status among mommy bloggers….” –The New York Times

“[This] comprehensive guide…offers a detailed “roadmap for anyone who wants to green clean a home.” But the book’s mission is grander than that; Hollender [and Zissu] want us to go beyond protecting our personal environments to see the consequences of heating with coal or throwing out the garbage. After an impressively readable guide to cleaning products and chemicals, including a section on how to make your own cleaning products with everyday household items, Hollender [and Zissu] take a walk through the house, analyzing each room for issues and objects that need renovation, replacement, or rethinking, always beginning with a “conscious ritual” (a sort of meditation on the meaning of the room, its contents, and how it is connected to and affects the greater world) and a checklist of “the pieces that make up” the “conscious” room, be it a kitchen, basement, bedroom, or office. Arranged for maximum reader-friendliness with ample illustrations and sidebars, the book helps busy and disorganized readers clean up their houses nook by nook, and might even inspire them to revision the world as well.” — Publishers Weekly

“Planet Home’s holistic approach to going green makes it unique. We’re all part of one big shared planet home—what you do at home affects me and what I do affects you. And our actions ripple out—hurting or helping the environment. Planet Home takes our interconnectedness as a point of departure and then flows into excellent green living tips for every room of the house from the bathroom to the kitchen to the attic to the nursery.”–The Good Guide

“At first I was a bit wary, thinking maybe [Planet Home] would be a thinly veiled marketing shtick for Seventh Generation products. Surprisingly, it includes information on how to make your OWN cleaning products!” –

“If one were to follow the tips in [Planet Home] and become educated about the holistic nature of their home-based activities, I imagine it would not only make them a lot healthier and contribute to a better world, but also save the person a lot of money.” –

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